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Posted by MikeeUSA - February 10th, 2016

Why do people from Assad's Syria, in areas he controls and which have
Russian military bases (such as Latakia), block you after asking them
if they would like a wall, and then to build a very
high and very long wall along the rainshadow area of their country?
(At which point they tell you to not speak of such things, as they
don't speak of politics online, at which point you tell them your
support for a wall, and they respond "SHHHH" and (@Vixuzar) block you)

Is Assad still clinging to the notion that a multi-cultural country
with people of different types anywhere is a long-term viable solution
and thus punishes any talk of a fine long and tall wall?

People of different types don't give a damn about other in general:
If they don't want your girls, then they don't want you.
And if they do want your girls, they could do without you.

Are people that want a wall punished?


Posted by MikeeUSA - December 14th, 2015

Imagine waking up each day, going to an office, and then, rather than shuffling papers around, or leaving the office check in and nailing structural supports together, or babysitting young adults who are labeled as children, or beating people down, or breaking into men's houses and hauling them off to prison as their "signifigant other" looks on in approval...


Imagine instead of doing that. You woke up each day, went to an office, and then were told what art, music, models, etc to create. Imagine that you were happy about this arrangement. You did this for years. You imagine others wish to do the same. You never burn out, even though your mind is tightly directed rather than free to create what it wishes. You live to make money for your betters. Everything you create, durning your term of employment, including that which you create at your home on "your" time is owned by the employeer, as per your employment contract (yes, enforcable). You accept this... Being ordered around, being owned in whole, even your hobbies.


Thus is is herby that I ORDER PeterSatera to listen to my newest upload.

This is because he is PROUD to have _NO_ creative control over what he does, and believes that we all wish to join his "industry" of being told what to do (See previous discussion)

So since PeterSatera likes being ORDERED AROUND!!!!


Won't link to it, he knows where it is.



Posted by MikeeUSA - December 2nd, 2015

PeterSatera previously was claiming one could not use PublicDomain assets as one wished.

He was corrected, but being a proprietary developer he just doesn't understand. In his world he works for his boss, his boss owns all that he creates (even at home, yes those IP Assignment clauses in your employment contracts operate at law automatically (confirmed by court judgements to this effect), and all that he creates is directed by his employer. That is: if he published a song here of his own creation he would be violating his employeers copyright.

Working for someone else is "fufilment". I guess that is so when all natural pleasures in life have been banned (starting in the 1880s when feminists had something men liked alot banned in the UK and the USA (search for Madien Tribute or whatever the propaganda campaign was called)), being a servant is what counts as a fufilling life.

Here are his criticism for the libre game I contribute to. Remeber: he spends his days making money for his boss, he is directed by his employer, all his IP, including that which he makes at home, is owned by his employer. And ofcourse, eyecandy is 100x more important than gameplay or even simple things like proper ballistic bullet penetration support:



PeterSatera Wrote:


A city coded and generated by you! Holy shit. That's...laughable. So you create some base geometry and then tell it to instance throughout the world spacing it as they propagate. What? You want me to applaud that? I've seen your "buildings"...yeah, I love how they are just dropped in the middle of the road.


Let me extend you the same courtesy you showed me through your abusive PM's. Your art is beyond horrific. You'd think you may have learned a bit...just a tiny bit about texturing before you hammer your models up with ghastly tiling. As I said before, quality our performs quantity, I'm in a Unity/unreal group on Facebook right now, and i've seen 13 year old do better. I'd certainly say this to your face you egotistical dick. You were the one to send me messages first with abuse, I'm simply returning the favor. The only problem was you actually sent someone a message for once who knew what the fuck they are talking about for a change. And now you are hearing the truth from someone who had been in the industry for over 15 years you are getting all offended. So please, take your shit models, your shit UV's, your shit texture and awful excuse for shaders and brag to someone else, because this game wont appeal to anyone who has eyesight.

>Show your fucking game you FUCKING PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT

Aww, mr Mike upset to hear the actual truth? Maybe next time you'll keep your mouth shut for a change before sending someone abusive messages. I dont need to show you my games because I don't need your approval. I've worked on multiple skus, PS3, PS4, Xboxone, Xbox360, Ipad, android, ipod and of course PC, and I don't do it as a hobby. You see, real developers who are passionate about producing a product get rewarded for their time and effort. You dump assets like this together and you think you deserve respect for it. People, the gamers are the ones who should be respected, and you certainly wont ever get that by PMing abuse.

Good luck on your development, you'll need it.


Posted by MikeeUSA - December 2nd, 2015

All the songs here are additionally dual licensed under the Gnu GPL v2 and CC-BY-SA license.

So you may use them in commercial projects and anything else aslong as you abide by the Gnu GPL v2 or the CC-BY-SA (3.0 unported) license.


Posted by MikeeUSA - August 22nd, 2015

After all the hard work Lord Havoc and his team put into the opensource DarkPlaces 3D engine, many features specifically for the Xonotic team, the Xonotic team is ditching said engine as a "Thank You" to Lord Havoc. Kicking him and his engine and all the years of work he put in, to the curb.
Seemingly: "What have you done for me lately, for free, with no benifit to yourself, slave... Not enough" --"Xonotic Team"



Posted by MikeeUSA - January 30th, 2015


Some trance that takes you back. I like this song alot.


Feels like one is traveling rapidly through space. The planets, then the abyss of space, the stars, the nebula all whipping by.... but in ones on reference frame everything is slow. Looking out , seeing one's half reflection in the glass. Everything that one knew, faded away.

And then you smash into something at near the speed of light (chrrrr at the end)

Nice desaturation at some points, really kicks it home.

Posted by MikeeUSA - January 30th, 2015

What is your opinion on crunch distortion? I was listening to some pedals with that name and they sound like the really hard rock harley davidson motorcycle grumble gritty type sound... which is something I cannot dial in easily on my existing pedals (perhaps I lack the skill).

So I ordered one. It should have come already but I'm still waiting :(.

I hope it does what it seemed to do.

Posted by MikeeUSA - January 21st, 2015

I just recently learned of the scouting system. Apparently it is something new. I told my friend before to get a newgrounds page thinking it would increase the amount of hits on his songs he would get but he only got one or two plays over weeks while I got double or triple digits in a day. I wondered what the problem was and the forum told me. So now I scouted my friend but that won't get hits for the previous songs. Check them out and help right a wrong: http://perljamz10.newgrounds.com