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Bashar Al Assad and Walls, and getting Blocked @Vixuzar

2016-02-10 07:44:26 by MikeeUSA

Why do people from Assad's Syria, in areas he controls and which have
Russian military bases (such as Latakia), block you after asking them
if they would like a wall, and then to build a very
high and very long wall along the rainshadow area of their country?
(At which point they tell you to not speak of such things, as they
don't speak of politics online, at which point you tell them your
support for a wall, and they respond "SHHHH" and (@Vixuzar) block you)

Is Assad still clinging to the notion that a multi-cultural country
with people of different types anywhere is a long-term viable solution
and thus punishes any talk of a fine long and tall wall?

People of different types don't give a damn about other in general:
If they don't want your girls, then they don't want you.
And if they do want your girls, they could do without you.

Are people that want a wall punished?



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2016-02-15 12:31:34

Gosh, this guy has serious brain damage. I blame his late father and murdered mother.

MikeeUSA responds:


Explain to me how I have "serious brain damage".

You do know that prior to the women's movement in the 1880s men could marry young girls even in various American states, correct? (Delaware was one example: 7). Such is against women's interests of-course so they immediately had it banned once they gradually gained political power, state by state. To be cognizant of history is to be mentally ill in this The United Cuntry of America, and it's allies such as the Euro-peon Union.

Women won. They won along time ago. I just hope I see the tanks roll in and remove their civilizations from the world one day. I'll be dead, but I'm never getting what I wish anyway: man has one of two roles in the United Cuntry of America and Europe: either be a Bull for some whore, or be a wallet and indentured servant for one.

Men are banned from being 'ba'al': master. Men are banned from having girls as brides (bad for women). Men are banned from having the means to overthrow the cunt state (women had useful weapons banned federally soon after they gained federal political power, same in Europe after WW2)

Your father kicked your head when you were fetus and your mother died from it. You fucked your little sister, which explained your pedo behavior. You brother was drowned in the bathtub, and it was you who did it. Explained your psychopath behavior.

Am I right?

No. Young girls are cute. You must be a woman to not recognize that.


2016-02-15 16:33:25

Vivuxar is often an asshole. I find him using politics as an excuse to block you unsurprising.

(Updated ) MikeeUSA responds:

I hope he ( @Vixuzar ) angers Bashar's men with his asshole nature and finds himself being electrocuted and beaten in one of their medieval torture prisons deep beneath a crusader castle.

Syria used to be greek, roman, Mediterranean type people, aswell as people who migrated from around the caucus mountains in russia and northern Iran in antiquity or pre-history, atleast along the coast. Assad still looks that way. However, the other 80 pct of that country is the product of desert arab invasions and rapes. Vixuzar's name is "Mohammed" (unlike the names of the Aliwites such as Mr Assad who use actual meaningful names for their children (not just "the beloved" for every single 1st male child, and then "from god" for the second)) on twitter and he uses dumb subterfuges just like any of his arab compatriots tend to do, to get out of the simplest thing. It's part of who he is. He is not of the greeks, or the romans, or the other nobel people that lived in syria: he's from the arab invaders. It pervades the way his mind works, and all of that type of person is predisposed to that way of doing things.

0 Trust societies created by the innate nature of those who run them.

Vixuzar is just like any arab you will find in england: lying and mugging english kids as a jizya tax. He has an innate dislike of those not desert arab. I wonder why he lives in latakia. It's a shame. They should kick him out and build a wall. All of those from the arab invasion of over a millenia ago should go over that wall.


2016-02-16 19:08:41

@vivuxar, sure bud. Idgaf. It's kinda what I'm going for.

Mike, I think you need to take a breather. Letting one guy troll you into generalizing an entire race is just going to make more people troll you


2016-02-16 19:09:40

@Vixuzar goddamn is your username confusing


2016-02-16 19:38:18

Do you have schizo? Did you take your pills?


2016-02-20 20:29:13

@Vixuzar I'm used to it, lol. This is the internet we're talking about. You're fine.

MikeeUSA responds:

So that guy bailed on being here? Wasn't even a syrian?
It all makes sense now. The way he behaved, his lies for no reason as a matter of course.