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Pyre Funeral Video Game Song
A Boat Sails Away 2016-17 Synthwave Song
KMS20 Beats 2017 Synthwave Song
Rome March Mantra Ambient Song
Hat Trick 2017 X Synthwave Song
Puella Magica Jam II Synthwave Song
A Space Voyage Sidney C64 EM Ambient Song
Pwr Chord Anthem SC Heavy Metal Song
Triangle Mountain Heavy Metal Song
An Other Echo OS Experimental Song
Unstructured Space Echo Wave Ambient Song
The Disgorgement of Darkplaces Solo Instrument Song
UneasyRevise Solo Instrument Song
JATJust-Another-Thing House Song
AssociationAgreement Solo Instrument Song
JSTJust-Some-Thing Brit Pop Song
UnsteadyContemplation Solo Instrument Song
TonebarGotSomethingToSay Blues Song
Glade Experimental Song
SequelToSomething-JamSession Grunge Song

2014 Submissions

Ocarina Remembrance Solo Instrument Song
Melting Ice Caves Ambient Song
Through the peridot forest Experimental Song
Plea for equal outcomes Solo Instrument Song
Long Concordance Ambient Song
Message of Great Import Solo Instrument Song
Monovale Ambient Song
Requiem for the peace Solo Instrument Song
Descholate Jazz Song
Abyss Shadow House Song
Star-Sequence8 House Song
Star Stripes House Song
Conte,plation cut short Dubstep Song
Draw organ in the snow Classical Song
Organ Song Much like any other Classical Song
Eventual Lament Solo Instrument Song
Jumble of Lines Dubstep Song
Sendoff For Linux Dubstep Song
ExportBass2-Requiem Drum N Bass Song
SystmD Abomination More Drum N Bass Song
SystmD Abomination Drum N Bass Song
HardPassionlessStatic Grunge Song
GtBass Grunge Song
Asia Fight 200 Ambient Song
2301bassline Miscellaneous Song
ExportBass2 Grunge Song

2009 Submissions

AsiaFight! New Wave Song
Triumphal March to the Thought New Wave Song
Near Lonely Guitar New Wave Song
Piano Rememberance New Wave Song
Facsimile Status New Wave Song
Structural Fall New Wave Song
Strumble New Wave Song
Bright5 New Wave Song
Seen Around the Mountain New Wave Song
Run7 New Wave Song
New Patriarchy Forever New Wave Song
CircularTravel Miscellaneous Song
NonDescriptViolin Classical Song
Guttarang General Rock Song