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I ORDER Pro Game Dev PeterSatera to listen to my newest upload.

2015-12-14 06:54:15 by MikeeUSA

Imagine waking up each day, going to an office, and then, rather than shuffling papers around, or leaving the office check in and nailing structural supports together, or babysitting young adults who are labeled as children, or beating people down, or breaking into men's houses and hauling them off to prison as their "signifigant other" looks on in approval...


Imagine instead of doing that. You woke up each day, went to an office, and then were told what art, music, models, etc to create. Imagine that you were happy about this arrangement. You did this for years. You imagine others wish to do the same. You never burn out, even though your mind is tightly directed rather than free to create what it wishes. You live to make money for your betters. Everything you create, durning your term of employment, including that which you create at your home on "your" time is owned by the employeer, as per your employment contract (yes, enforcable). You accept this... Being ordered around, being owned in whole, even your hobbies.


Thus is is herby that I ORDER PeterSatera to listen to my newest upload.

This is because he is PROUD to have _NO_ creative control over what he does, and believes that we all wish to join his "industry" of being told what to do (See previous discussion)

So since PeterSatera likes being ORDERED AROUND!!!!


Won't link to it, he knows where it is.




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2015-12-14 09:15:57

Too scared to put an @ in front of his name, I see. Speaks about the kind of mind you have.

MikeeUSA responds:

I did not know of this feature

Is that good now?