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The reward for hard work in the (opensource) world.

2015-08-22 08:25:52 by MikeeUSA

After all the hard work Lord Havoc and his team put into the opensource DarkPlaces 3D engine, many features specifically for the Xonotic team, the Xonotic team is ditching said engine as a "Thank You" to Lord Havoc. Kicking him and his engine and all the years of work he put in, to the curb.
Seemingly: "What have you done for me lately, for free, with no benifit to yourself, slave... Not enough" --"Xonotic Team"



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2015-11-21 19:45:56

How to get back at someone:
1) Do you know shit that can be used against them?
2) Do you know shit about them that they have done wrong?
3) Do you have an existent fan-base/friends that can do something against them? (ex. connections/the know how)

MikeeUSA responds:

Thanks for the info.