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Great sounds!

2015-01-30 06:03:01 by MikeeUSA

Some trance that takes you back. I like this song alot.


Feels like one is traveling rapidly through space. The planets, then the abyss of space, the stars, the nebula all whipping by.... but in ones on reference frame everything is slow. Looking out , seeing one's half reflection in the glass. Everything that one knew, faded away.

And then you smash into something at near the speed of light (chrrrr at the end)

Nice desaturation at some points, really kicks it home.


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2015-02-08 15:57:11

ayayay dude dude dude
stop making threads

MikeeUSA responds:

Life is about the people. You tell me to stop being alive??


2015-02-08 16:03:50

telling someone to die =/= telling someone to stop making threads

as i said before, stop making threads

(Updated ) MikeeUSA responds:

I told no one to singularly die. Only to die with the rest of us in WW3.
Something that would be preferable to continuing life under feminism forever.

Now what you are doing is telling me to shutup and not speak with the people.
You say this on the precipice of world war 3, as it's about to kick off with the Ukraine
situation. Just like 1 and 2 kicked off for similar reasons. Why do you want to be silent in
our last days?

I'll never have a nice young girl, and nor will you, or he. So why not atleast speak?
I do not understand you. Maybe language problem.


2015-02-08 16:25:26

what? dont know what youre talking about, but i called you out on your stupidity when you basically said that the sentiment "stop making threads" was the same as telling you to die. which is stupid logic bro


2015-02-09 12:22:05

Dude, you sucking at posting. You pointlessly bring politics into everything. Go away.

(Updated ) MikeeUSA responds:

Fk you. Been here longer than you. Made more songs than you.


2015-02-09 12:52:17

Atleast I'm a more respectable user than you. Join dates and submissions don't mean jack shit here, if you're a fucking douche who wishes genocide on everyone and everything here.

Again, go away.

MikeeUSA responds:

I didn't ask for any singular race to die out. The fact of the matter is that europeans have had forced* upon them a belief system that causes them not to reproduce. The two european leaders that give a damn about this are the Pope and Mr Putin.

*(if they resist they lose their jobs, if they criticize they are sometimes fined or go to prison, yes that is force)


2015-02-13 10:40:16



2015-03-03 22:49:58

Why do you always insult me when I constructively criticize you? ;p


2015-03-16 11:52:56


MikeeUSA responds:



2015-04-13 15:23:59